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Poster: simon c Date: Jan 9, 2004 5:40am
Forum: opensource Subject: Cool Tools 2003 - very cool PDF book.

Since it's somewhat buried in this collection, figured I might draw attention to Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools 2003 book:

..which is a book including a massive conglomeration of cool gadgets, products, and interesting things, catalog-style from a former Wired and Whole Earth Review editor/publisher.

There's most likely more info at Kevin's site, where he also has a Cool Tools weblog, I note.

Also, from his site:

'I was recently granted my 15 seconds of second-hand Hollywood fame. This short edited video clip from The Matrix Revisted (the making of the Matrix) has Keanu Reeves recounting how each actor had to read Out of Control [one of Kevin's earlier books]... before they could open the original script.'

So if Keanu Reeves was forced to read one of his books, that's good enough for me :) Be aware the PDF of Cool Tools is quite large, though - almost 180mb.


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